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Reactie van bouwbedrijf Irem op de documentaire Qatar aan de Schelde

Lees hier de reactie van onderaannemer Irem op de documentaire Qatar aan de Schelde van productiehuis Docwerkers.

1. IREM S.p.A. strongly rejects the comparison with labour conditions in Qatar and is outraged that company’s name is being smeared without any evidence. IREM S.p.A. regrets that we have been portrayed negatively without having been able to respond in the documentary. IREM S.p.A. has been seriously damaged by these accusations that in no way reflect the reality.

2. Contrary to claims in the documentary, IREM S.p.A. has always paid its employees. All hires for the Borealis project happened under the Belgian social framework, with non-EU workers being offered a salary and amenities in line with Belgian regulations.

3. Our staff are hosted in modern facilities, with double bedrooms and private bathrooms. Until the end of September, our employees continued to be housed in the flats provided by IREM S.p.A. free of charge, despite the fact that they no longer had jobs in Belgium as Borealis has terminated the contracts with IREM S.p.A. It should be noted that IREM S.p.A. also helped Ukrainian workers by offering them jobs and helped their families join their loved ones at work during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

4. IREM S.p.A. is not the subject of any formal accusations from the Belgian authorities for any of its operations in the country. The company is undergoing an investigation with regard to its participation in the Kallo Project in Antwerp, for Borealis. It is our understanding that the investigation focuses on non-EU workers hired by IREM S.p.A. for this project. The investigation is still ongoing, and no conclusion can be drawn so far. IREM S.p.A. will not hesitate to defend itself in the right forums by seeking damages from those who today irresponsibly and superficially defame the name of the company.

5. IREM S.p.A. fully complies with all Belgian and European regulations. The company is working openly and in good faith with the authorities, providing them with all documents and information needed. IREM S.p.A. is also in close contact with the Italian Embassy in Brussels in order to follow the developments of the event day by day. IREM S.p.A. has been in Belgium since 2002 and has always acted in good faith.

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